Toyo Ito, Pulitzer Prize for conceptual innovation

His architecture projects an air of optimism, light and joy and it is filled with a sense of uniqueness and universality.

The architecture of the wind

Toyo Ito has explored the physical image of the city of the digital era, realising that the urban experience takes place in two different spaces of reference: a conventional physical space and a group of virtual spaces, in which the first is the entrance door.

Structure inspired in nature

With a subtle ground floor in the shape of a stem, it rotates as it grows and it opens like a flower on its top part.

The complex is made up by a tower rotating on itself that salutes the city, the Airport, Plaza Europa and the exhibition centre as it moves, changing its perception as it goes around. This perception is complemented with a second tower, which at first looks like a pure volume but that in fact contains a nucleus that also turns on itself, reflecting the other tower.

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