Hotel Santos Porta Fira


The relationship between signs, aluminium tubes and the structure that subjects them allows for the project to adapt in a continuous and regulated way throughout the surface of the façade, expressing rotation, translation and growth as it increases in height.

Hoel Santos Porta Fira Barcelona

There is no better architecture than that of tree.

Architecture is no more than a tree. It must grow in accordance with its environment.

Architecture must blend with its environment, not be a differentiating element.

Gaudí said that his master was the tree he had in front of him; I also think that we will never be able to make architecture better than that of a tree.

Hoel Santos Porta Fira Barcelona

The work of Fira is my biggest project in Spain. I did not start from scratch. I had to gather pre-existing pieces and other new ones. It is an urban project. I wanted to reflect a fluid space. People ask themselves why he designed a second red and round tower and another bicolour and square one. This has to do with my project for the Sendai media centre in Japan. That was a cubic building with round organic columns inside. Here, I always wanted to do a round tower and a square one but the latter with a round soul. In regards to the colour red, red is the colour of the earth. It is a passionate and joyful colour. And it goes well with Barcelona.

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